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Triple Threat Double Dip contest

The first Triple Threat Contest is now upon us.
Your Mission:

  • 1: Download and print these bookmarks.
  • 2: Cut along the dotted lines.
  • 3: Take to your local libraries and bookstores.
  • 4: Leaving a stack near the checkout gets you one point. Put a bunch inside books by Robert A. Heinlein, Stephen R. Donaldson, Philip K. Dick, George R. R. Martin, and Charles Stross for two points. (Do be sure to respect local laws and private property rights).
  • Take photos of each instance of bookmark distribution.
  • Email photos of your nefarious deeds to me at dan at
  • Each point will count as one entry of your name in the hat – so repeat as often as you wish to enter before December 20th.

The winner will be drawn December 21st.
Prize: Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time 2009 Memorial Calender, full of gorgeous artwork.

Here’s your chance to double-dip. Check out Digital Magic and Metamor City for their versions of this same contest. Everyone who enters all three contests will automatically be entered into a second drawing – the prize this time being a package of local edible goodies from San Francisco and New Zealand!