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Predestination, Episode 2

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The second episode of the Antithesis series is now live, and the adventures of Joss Kyle, Alyssa Hartman, Jim Hartman, and Alex Hart continue.

Uber-Nemesis Tee Morris is with us this week, bringing us The Story So Far. If you didn’t do so already, check out his book The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant at and buy or listen to his previous books at Amazon and Podiobooks. This is the guy that invented the podcast audiobook – without him, the rest of us wouldn’t be here.

Finally, what would the episode be without our capable cast?

Cast this week (in order of appearance):

Erin Ballibanian as Ali

Brian Levy as Jim

Prequel: The Man in the Rain

Want a preview of what happened to Joss Kyle before he walked on to Space Station Sidon? Here you are. This is an episode of my short story series Sculpting God, written specifically for the launch of Predestination. Dark, violent, moody, and set in the Amazon jungle – you can’t get better than this!