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Colonization historically leads to wars of revolution. – Rueben Briggs

In 2126, the human race is spreading out from its cradle. It’s a fragile time, when offworld colonies are just well established enough to worry Earth-bound politicians and warlords, and the second generation of humans who’ve never set foot on Terran soil are coming of age. All of them know the revolution is coming, but none of them could have predicted that it would begin with the fall of a card.

Poker is not a game of chance. It’s a game of survival. – Joss Kyle

Under these conditions, only fools, dreamers, madmen, and scoundrels strike out to the frontier – and only the most ruthless, bloody-minded, and lucky survive there.

Antithesis is a five-volume novel that begins with the fall of the cards and tracks the terrible, tragic, and momentous events that echo through the halls of power in Washington, Tehran, Luna, and out into the rest of the solar system. Rampaging through a twisting maze of political gamesmanship, divided loyalties, obsession, redemption, and damnation, Antithesis is a character-driven espionage thriller that follows the adventures of ten people from different worlds, and their personal obsessions that send them hurtling headlong into history.

“I am many things. A ‘good man’ isn’t among them.” -Rueben Briggs

Humanity stands at the foot of its longest ladder, and those who climb it will determine the face with which the children of Earth greet the galaxy. In this world, new religions, secret societies, long-buried grudges, and new discoveries conspire together to turn the lives of ordinary people upside down as they risk everything on the determination to see their personal vision of the future painted across the stars.

All understanding moves inevitably from thesis, to antithesis, to synthesis. But sometimes, somehow, something gets stuck. -Douglas Reeves

The game began July 31, 2008 with the podcast of Book I: Predestination (and Other Games of Chance).
It will continue on November 11, 2009 with the podcast of Book 2: Free Will (and Other Compulsions).

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Predestination and Other Games of Chance