This page is a work in progress, and will be updated as actors come on board and as bios come in.

Podcasting Antithesis wouldn’t be possible without the kick-ass cast of professional actors, podcast authors, and friends who have lent their voices to this endeavor. Please take a moment to get to know the cast, and visit their websites.

In order of appearance:

J. Daniel Sawyer as The Narrator, Joss Kyle, Sam Solin, Mondu and numerous others.

Erin Balabanian as Alysaa Hartman and Alex Hart

Brian Levy as Jim Hartman

Steven H. Wilson as Percy Scott, Voleish, and William Ellison

Kitty Nic’Iaian as The Spaceport Announcer, The Junior Senator from Massachusetts, most of the computers, and other too numerous to count. She also designed the website and contributed numerous original sound effects.

Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal

Robin Hathaway as Marian Shelley

George Chlentzos as Doug Reeves

Michael Lemonjello as Xylar, Hakim, Alphonse, various drunks, background voices, and other riffraff

Nathan Lowell as Senator Wilhelm Shelley

Lorien Wheeler as Jade Orin

Shannon Holden as Elizabeth Shelley, Ophelia, and the Lunar ATC supervisor

Allan Sale as Scott Walters and One Eyed Jack

Renee Wilson as Marjorie

Phillipa Ballantine as Brittany Hydra

Chris Lester as Rison and Greg Singh

Jonathan Sawyer as Furgeson and The Computer Tech

Michael Spence as The Deputy

The Prof as The Gambler

Kim the Comic Book Goddess as Val

Heather Welliver as Shayna Takahashi

Lynx Crowe as Trent Alcock

Elizabeth Rossi and Christiana Ellis as Charis Chandlay

Tee Morris as Brandon

Kimi Alexander as Ashan

Amy Gahran as Ined

Danny Schade as The Pilot. Also the composer of the theme music.

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