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Launchcast, ep 01

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Part one of the live call-in show we did for the launch of Down From Ten, in which Tee Morris impersonates John Woo, Chris Lester gets flogged live on mic, we learn the story of Philippa Ballantine’s questionable ancestry, and we take a number of saucy calls from listeners.

Down From Ten, ep 10

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And now, Episode 10, in which Edelle and Carol compete for the poetry prize, Amos has an opinion, and Katy has a secret.
Bumper by Beq of Metamor City. Story So Far by composer Danny Schade of his own demented, but delightful, domain.

Episode 11 coming this weekend.

Bonus: Soulless, by Gail Carriger (Audio)

Those of you who read my blog will have seen my review of Gail Carriger’s Soulless. There was something that I didn’t tell you in that review. When I read Soulless, I was so impressed with it that I offered Gail my services pro bono as a claviger…um…as a production wonk to help promote the book.

Now, a month and a bit on, after much labor and much laughter, I am pleased to present all of you with the world debut of the first chapter of Gail Carriger’s Soulless in full-cast audiobook format (complete with music, soundFX, and soundscaping). This sample offers you a taste of the romp you’ll be in for when you read the book.

You can pre-order Soulless from Amazon, and read Ms. Carriger’s ever-entertaining blog as well.

Cast (in order of appearance)
Angela Vernon as The Narrator
Chris Lester as The Unexpected Vampire
Miss Kalendar as Alexia Tarrabotti
George Chlentzos as Lord Conal Maccon
J. Daniel Sawyer as Professor Lyall

Directed by J. Daniel Sawyer
Produced by ArtisticWhispers Productions

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Special thanks to Orbit Books for authorizing this experiment!

Down From Ten, ep 9

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Finally back on the air after a number of major tech problems which I’ll detail next week.

And now, Episode 9, Jeremiah has a secret, in which Sarah makes a discovery, and Amos gets an irresistable urge.
Bumper by Wander Wolf of WNDR Radio. Story So Far by Abbie Hilton of The Prophet of Panamindorah Podcast.

Episode 10 coming this weekend.