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Free Will, Episode 03

Well, that’ll teach me to swear I’ll be on time…

Nevertheless, I present you with Episode 3 of Free Will and Other Compulsions, In which the Moon Girl confronts the search party, Bill Shelley has a chat with the President, Joss weighs his options, and a new character steps into our little drama.



Cast this week (in order of appearance):
Andrea Fender as The Moon Girl
Michael Lemonjello as The Fish Man (Search Team Leader)
Mark Smith as The Jet Pack Man (Search Team Assistant)
Nathan Lowell as Senator William Shelley
Benjamin Roberts as Shane
Kitty NicIaian as the White House Aide
Miss Kalendar as Alyssa Hartman
and J.R. Murdock as General Assange


This week’s promo: Crudrat kickstarter campaign. A kickass girl’s adventure sci-fi novel by Gail Carriger for which I’m producing the audiobook.

And this week in the post-show I tell you a bit about our new cast member, and explain a bit about my philosophy of science fiction–particularly young adult science fiction.




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