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Free Will, Episode 04

It’s late. I can’t even deny it. Far too late to even be funny.

Nevertheless, I present you with Episode 4 of Free Will and Other Compulsions, In which Joss makes a decision, Ali makes a discovery, Percy wakes up, and then wakes up a sleeping alien intelligence.


Cast this week (in order of appearance):
Miss Kalendar as Alyssa Hartman
Kitty NicIaian as Fugitive’s AI and The Answering Service
Nobilis Reed as Jordan, the Nurse
Steven H. Wilson as Percy Scott
Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal
and Kim The Comic Book Goddess as VAL

This week’s promo: Tales From Sheepfather’s Grove, a progrock concept album from Johannes Luley, an up-and-coming composer who also does the production for Robin Hathaway, who plays the part of Marian Shelley in The Antithesis Progression.




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