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Dealing In, Episode 4 pt 1 of 3

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This one’s all about the sex guys. No feedback here – instead, Chris Lester, Philippa Ballantine, and myself sit down to discuss the way we deal wtih sex in our various worlds and works. There are three hours of this – I’m dropping the first one here. Look for further episodes to drop on the Metamor City and Erotica A La Carte feeds in the near future.


P.S. Due to a sore throat, I’m unable to record for another day or 2, but Ep 16 will be coming your way early next week.

Bonus Content: Sexuality in Antithesis

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This is an excerpt from the feedback show I did with Chris Lester for The Metamor City Podcast. Alcohol, chocolate, and Kitty Nic’Iaian conspire with Chris and I to answer one of Chris’s emails from a heterosexual female listener who complained that her orientation was not being well represented in Metamor City. This lead to a discussion of how Chris and I each deal with gender identity and sexual orientation in our novels, and the reasons that we’ve chosen to approach these topics in the way we have.

As I mentioned, this is a small piece of a larger conversation that will be available soon on the Metamor City feed. I hope you enjoy!

Bonus Content: Religion in Antithesis

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This is a rabbit trail that Chris Lester and I went down at the end of recording Dealing In, Episode 3. It’s about 25 mins long and pretty heady, so I decided to break it off so you can take it in smaller chunks. It followed right on the heels of the end of that episode, so you can just pick the conversation up here, if you like. For those of you interested in Chris’s and my opposing views on what religion is good for, and how it effected the development of Western thought, you’ve come to the right place.

I hope you enjoy!

Dealing In, Episode 3 (feedback show)

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Chris Lester, who plays Rison on Antithesis and is the author/producer of the Metamor City Podcast, joins Kitty Nic’Iaian and myself for drinks and carousing as we go through the feedback you’ve all sent in since last week. This one’s a must listen.

Mentioned at length is the unparalleled Nathan Lowell, who plays our own Bill Shelley. Find his audiobooks here.

Finally, be sure to check out the t-shirts gradually filling up the swag store. Now you can proclaim your membership in the Resistance, and proudly!

Predestination, Episode 14

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What makes the Lunar colony work? The docks, that’s what. And tonight, that’s where we’re going, following Cassy on her investigation of the enigma that is Scott Walters and trying to piece together the clues to what’s really going on inside her own organization.

It’s a long one this week again – 45 minutes – with new characters and new aspects of the world that will, hopefully, hold your attention at least through the end of the episode.

Heather Welliver, host of Grailwolf’s Geek Lifer and vocalist for the Pieces podcast, brings us the Story So Far this week.

This week’s in-show promo is for I Should Be Writing, THE go-to podcast for beginning authors hosted by the erudite, funny, and straight-talking Mur Lafferty. If you entertain any literary ambitions, her podcast is the place to start.

Cast this week (in order of appearance):

Steven H. Wilson as Voleish and William Ellison

Chris Lester as Rison

Jonathan Sawyer as Furgeson and The Computer Tech

Kitty Nic’Iaian as The Spaceport Announcer

Geroge Chlentzos as Doug Reeves

Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal