Dealing In, Episode 3 (feedback show)

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Chris Lester, who plays Rison on Antithesis and is the author/producer of the Metamor City Podcast, joins Kitty Nic’Iaian and myself for drinks and carousing as we go through the feedback you’ve all sent in since last week. This one’s a must listen.

Mentioned at length is the unparalleled Nathan Lowell, who plays our own Bill Shelley. Find his audiobooks here.

Finally, be sure to check out the t-shirts gradually filling up the swag store. Now you can proclaim your membership in the Resistance, and proudly!

3 thoughts on “Dealing In, Episode 3 (feedback show)”

  1. In response to the fellow Junkie on the recent Dealing In…
    Yes, one can be more than one thing… and follow more than one podcast/author.

    I am (in no particular order) a:

    Biter/Addict (Emerian Rich- Night’s Knights and Horror Addicts, for the latter I’m actually staff because I cannot shut up. Sound familiar?).
    Mur’s Bitch/Third Waver (Mur Lafferty- Heaven, Playing for Keeps, The Takeover)
    Tee’s Bitch and member of the crew of the Defiant (Tee Morris- Billibub Baddings, Morevi)
    Road Guide (Jack Jaffee- Down the Road)
    Clone (JC Hutchings- 7th Son)
    Metamorph (Chris Lester- Metamor City)
    Junkie (Scott Sigler- too much to count)
    and finally…
    A rather vocal Member of the Resistance (JD Sawyer- Antithesis: Predestination & Other Games of Chance)

    There are also a number of podcast authors and casts that I follow who do not, as far as I know, have cute names for their fans.

    Phillipa Ballentine (Chasing the Bard, Erotica ala Cart)
    Christiana Ellis (Space Casey, Nina Kimberly the Merciless, Shallow Thoughts)
    JG Holyfield (Murder at Avedon Hill)
    Edward G. Talbot (New World Orders)
    Nobilis (Nobilis Erotica)
    Natania Barron (The Aldersgate Cycle)
    Mike Bennett (One Among the Sleepless, Hall of Mirrors, Underwood & Filch)
    Phil Rossi (Crescent)
    The Clockwork Cabaret
    Radio Isopod
    EscapePod, Podcastle, PesudoPod, Steampod
    Leif the Grumbler (The Pennsic Independent Podcast… well, there’s not a cute name for followers beyond the fact that I’m a SCAdian and have been for over a decade)

    And that’s all I can remember offhand. 😉

  2. LOL Mildred, you’ve actually named a good few that I listen to! I keep finding so many that I “have” to listen to. My poor iPod/computer hates me at times. 😉

  3. I got a few really good laughs out of this installment (Crack addicted monkeys comes to mind) it was great that you had Lester and Kitty on it kept it lively. I think you are a bit hard on yourself when it comes to the title I think it is perfect. Also knowing what you are playing at with the titles in the “Antithesis series” I think that it is well named! This crack addicted monkey is awaiting his latest fix 😀

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