Predestination, Episode 7

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Late again. The extra recording time to get ahead is taking its toll, but I’m getting some more help behind the mic here, so all is not lost.

This week’s episode is very violent and upsetting – no kidding. If you’re a Sigler fan, you’ll feel right at home. Whatever you do, don’t listen to this one with the kids in the room.

Kudos once again to Robin Hathaway and Steven H. Wilson for their breathtaking performances this week.

Don’t forget about the meet&greet on October 4th! If you’re in the SF Bay Area, come to Jupiter’s in Berkeley, on Shattuck near University, for a meet and greet with myself, Chris Lester, and Seth Harwood. It’s going to be a fun evening, and I’ll have some freebies for those who attend.

This week, we find out what Percy’s assignment was, and how he manages to carry it out without Marian being any the wiser, and then we follow the beginnings of the ripples from his assignment as they touch Washington and Luna City.

This week, our composer Danny Schade – also of the Reason-Driven Podcast and Apologia brings us the Story So Far.

Cast this week (in order of appearance):

Robin Hathaway as Marian Shelley

Steven H. Wilson as Percy Scott

Nathan Lowell as Senator Bill Shelley

George Chlentzos as Douglas Reeves

Kitty Nic’Iaian as The Computer Voice

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