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Bonus Content for Predestination and Other Games of Chance

Predestination, Promo 4

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We’re down to the end, boys and girls and everyone else. Here’s one final promo for the show in progress. Please distribute widely — post it everywhere. Let’s give Predestination a BIG sendoff.

Thanks for sticking with me through this series. The next one will be even better 🙂


Predestination, Episode 21

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Marian Shelley emerges from her convalesence to discover whether or not she can actually face the world after what she’s lived through. On Luna, Brittany runs into an unusual character, while on Nineveh Joss gets a not-quite-unexpected visitor.

Larry Bushey, Host of the Going Linux Podcast, brings us the Story So Far.

Cast this week (in order of appearance):
Robin Hathaway as Marian Shelley
Tee Morris as Brandon
Kimi Alexander as Ashan
Amy Gahran as Ined
Stephanie Sawyer as Cassy Orinthal
Philippa Ballantine as Brittany Hydra
Steven H. Wilson as Percy Scott
Chris Lester as Greg Singh
Shannon Holden as Ophelia
Michael Lemonjello as Xylar

Dealing In, Episode Six pt 2

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Hey everyone, the final half of episode six of is here. Chris, Kitty and I plow through the rest of the piled-up mountain of feedback for the story through Episode Seventeen. This one’s an hour and fifteen minutes long. My cohorts and I deal with more worldbuilding questions, the issue of Fan Fiction, how terrorism and tyranny are related, and, and we take on the most spoliery listener question so far. Enjoy!

Topics Mentioned:
Caleb Carr’s The Alienist and his nonfiction book The Lessons of Terror book on Terrorism
Down From Ten
The Metamor City Podcast
J. Michael Straczynski
Digital Magic by Philippa Ballantine
The unsustainable nature of totalitarianism.
Sculpting God’s “Lilith”

Dealing In, Episode Six pt 1

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Heya Everyone, episode six of dealing in is here. Due to my long absence a LOT of feedback had piled up. This one’s an hour long, and it’s part one of two or three. My cohorts and I deal with an epic email from a former drunk emailer, now sober, we talk Marxist social theory, and we take on some very probing listener questions and some of the most creative death threats yet. Enjoy!

Topics Mentioned:
Trucker Rich
Into The Blender podcast
The Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour
The Metamor City Podcast
J. Michael Straczynski
Digital Magic by Philippa Ballantine
Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan
Gail Carriger’s new novel Soulless
Death By Cliché by Bob Defendi

Dealing in, Episode 4 pt 3 of 3 (sex roundtable)

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Part three of the Sex Roundtable is here. This time, we tackle questions of sexual identity — both in how the authors relate to the characters and in how the characters define themselves.

Special thanks to both Chris Lester and Philippa Ballantine for joining me on this racy odyssey — it’s been a blast!

Interview at

I’ve been interviewed in some depth over at Please head on over and comment! Here’s an excerpt:

The first book in the series, Predestination, deals with rigged poker games. Do you play? What did you learn from personal experiences that played a key role in creating scenarios in your book?

I’m actually pretty rusty, but at the time I wrote the first draft I played a lot, and had been playing for years. I got started when I was about ten, when an uncle of mine who was a low-level diplomat explained the nature of his job to me by saying “If you know how to play poker, and you know how to play chess, then you have the basic skills it takes to do diplomacy.” I was the kind of kid that viewed that sort of statement as a challenge, so within about two months I had a regular poker game going in my garage with my siblings and other neighborhood kids – we played for M&Ms or other types of kid-gold because we weren’t allowed to play for money. I kept on playing right through college on a daily-to-monthly basis, but since college it’s been hard to find people willing to play for stakes I can afford.

Read the rest here!

Dealing in, Episode 4 pt 2 of 3

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Part two of the Sex Roundtable is here. This time, Chris Lester is hosting it on his feed over at Metamor City and we’re running it concurrently here. Consequently, this one’s got his opening credits on it instead of mine. This episode picks up the discussion pretty much where we left off, give or take a bathroom break, and concentrates a little more on sex in Metamor City, but there’s still plenty of sauciness and chatter about Predestination to keep all of you who aren’t listening to both shows interested.

Look for part 3 soon!

Dealing In, Episode 5

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We take a break from the constant sex talk to go over the latest feedback and…oh, yeah…talk about sex a bit. And geekiness. And all other manner of insanity. Stay tuned at the end where we announce the winner of the iTunes review contest.


P.S. My illness has settled into my chest, so still no recording. Damn you, Lester!!!

Dealing In, Episode 4 pt 1 of 3

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This one’s all about the sex guys. No feedback here – instead, Chris Lester, Philippa Ballantine, and myself sit down to discuss the way we deal wtih sex in our various worlds and works. There are three hours of this – I’m dropping the first one here. Look for further episodes to drop on the Metamor City and Erotica A La Carte feeds in the near future.


P.S. Due to a sore throat, I’m unable to record for another day or 2, but Ep 16 will be coming your way early next week.