4 thoughts on “Down From Ten, Episode 1”

  1. Dan,

    Sorry, but you lost me on this one. Stream of consciousness wise, listening to ep1 was like this:
    Main character
    Awesome flowery prose
    Main character talking again
    More awesome prose
    Main character again, why can’t I remember this guy’s name
    Driving to vacation
    More awesome descriptive prose
    Main character, still can’t remember his name, why is this a problem for me?
    Arrive at cabin
    More awesome flowery descriptive prose
    Drink from fire hydrant as the rest of the characters are introduced all at onces.
    Damn, now I don’t know who any of the characters are.
    Oh, they’re talking now. Why can’t I hear some of them?
    What did they say?
    Crap. Now I don’t know who’s talking, who the characters are, or what’s going on.

    Sorry man. Maybe I was having a bad day. I love the narration and the prose, but I just couldn’t keep any of the details in my head. I can’t have that many characters introduced at once and stand any chance of keeping them straight.

    As for audio production, it’s generally outstanding. But there are two guys who I can’t hear at all. One is Nobilis, I recognize the voice. I don’t know who the other was.

    Writing wise, I really couldn’t figure out what was happening and who was talking once the main character, who’s name I can’t seem to remember, got to the party.

    Otherwise, the prose was really awesome. I could see the outdoor places, but the indoor scenes came so fast and the information so dense I couldn’t absorb it.

    I was driving at the time, which colors the who experience, but that’s where I do almost all my listening these days. So I have to be able to absorb the story if I’m going to spend time listening to it.

    Good luck with this one, and I’ll definitely be back for Antithesis part 2.

    -Paul Fischer

  2. Part three of three of the live call-in show that launched Down From Ten this one plays almost like a Reprobates Hour episode on the history of the podcast novel. A change of pace from the previous episodes, and a very interesting one.

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