Dealing In, Ep. 9 pt.1

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This one features Miss Kalendar along with Chris Lester and Kitty Nic’Iaian.

This is it, folks, the final round of Dealing In before we get to Down From Ten. We toast the successful conclusion of Predestination and look forward. Some info on Down From Ten here, as well as some very involved conversations about the themes of Predestination, the possible interaction of quantum mechanics and consciousness, and the nature of trust. Not to mention a LOT of laughs, some inside information on what I’m like as a director, and lots of other stuff. This is one of three episodes in this final Dealing In saga — 61 minutes of audio goodness here. Enjoy!!!

2 thoughts on “Dealing In, Ep. 9 pt.1”

  1. Hey, Dan.

    Any updates on when Antithesis will be hitting Podiobooks? I have a horribly small hard drive (40 gigs) and need to get some podiobooks (Predestination included) off my computer and onto a DVD for storage.

    Can’t wait for Down to Ten.

  2. Hi J. Daniel Sawyer,

    I have finally caught up with the author. Just finished the second episode of “Down from Ten”. However, this email will be about Predestination and other Games of Chance.

    I am not going to give you much that will make your head swell any more than it already is as I have a few complaints.

    The first is the human desire for wanting to escape from reality when entering the world of fiction. Predestination doesn’t let you do that which is probably why T. Morris found it dark too. I mean you get hooked on it hoping for some sort of escape but mostly you get more reality in the form of nobody in this podcast communicates with each other and expects others to be mind readers which is exactly what keeps happening in the real world. Who wants more of that? All these cryptic conversations could drive a sane person insane.

    I also found it interesting that I disliked all of the characters, at least until Douglas Reeves showed up. I am not even terribly fond of Jade and she is second on my list after Doug. I am starting to feel sorry for Jim in his predicament with his wife. So that would make three. But Jim may lose my sympathy in Free Will.

    The second is to have to suspend my disbelief in the very last episode. If I am correct, I believe it was said that Lisa was knocked out for 12 hours by chloroform and 5 hours with the ketamine. That is 17 hours and then you have her sitting up and playing cards. Come on JD, what did Josh do, put a catheter into the woman to empty out her bladder? I know authors tend to ignore such bodily functions although I recall two episodes, one in which you did go into some detail on the toilet accommodations in space, so why did you ignore this one? I also noticed the reference in an earlier episode to Lisa’s stretch marks and their significance which means she doesn’t have a gallon size bladder. Just ask any women that has had a baby vaginally.

    Third would have to be all the raving about your story. Its ok as far as it goes but I have read way too many books over the years to get excited about someone’s story line. Mostly because there are only a few such as Boy meets Girl, they fall in love, disaster of some kind happens and boy loses girl, then struggles to get girl back and in most stories there is a happy ending, or should be for true escapism, because we know that doesn’t happen in real life. So no kudos for your storyline but I must give you credit for your ability to write it in such a way that I have trouble figuring out what many of the characters are up to. I hate it when I have the whole book plotted out by the 3 episode or chapter. So I was pleased to find you following in the wake of movies like “The Usual Suspects” in that I was unable to figure out Senator Kelly’s secret. Since he is a politician it is a forgone conclusion that he is corrupt in some form or fashion and doing something illegal, [aren’t they all?] but a closet Zoroastrian! Priceless!

    I am assuming that Josh is on his way to get the Senator, but I hope I am wrong since that is also way too predictable. I also hope that Lisa and Josh don’t hook up because that is what the ending of Predestination foreshadows and I so want it to be different.

    Can’t wait to find out who the crazy person in the escape pod is… Could it be Kelly’s little henchman? Now that would be a twist since right now it looks as though he is going after Kelly too assuming he survives his punishment! My, what a tangled web he weaved when Kelly first practiced to deceive.

    Finally, I am a bit older than many of your fans. Let us put it this way, I could have given birth to most, if not all of you [that should mess with your head when writing sex scenes, mothers all over the world are listening to them]. Anyway, that gets me to wondering if I am misunderstanding the constant references to erotica and porn. It seems to me you are using them to describe the same thing and that is not how I understand them. For example, Chris Lester’s Metamor City, so far, seems steeped in Erotica (exception: that first special from Noblis [sp?] which was porn), especially the second episode which was fantastic and your sex scenes, on the other hand are blatant Porn. For me, erotica allows for more imagination, is far more indirect and stops just short of the physical conclusion and is what women tend to prefer and porn is direct and technically descriptive which is what guys like as they seem to lack sexual imagination and need it spelled out for them which is why porn is directed to men. Ok that was mean, but probably true. So if I am wrong about your blending them into one thing, I pre apologize. (For a visual of Erotica, watch the 1994 movie “Notradamus”, [directed by Roger Christian].)

    That’s all for my complaints… Oh Chris, I absolutely love Metamor City so far. And J Daniel, I don’t know why, but I feel compelled to recommend a book to you. If you haven’t read it yet, and watching the movie doesn’t count, check out “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving. Should you read it, let me know why on earth I feel you should.

    I can’t wait for Free Will and have to say that I love the Dealing In episodes. Didn’t think I would but they have all been great.

    Laura Cody

    p.s. I like your titles even if they are long, and when you said that Hegel’s dialetic was defunked, did you mean the whole theory or just his apocalyptic Christian conclusion? Because what’s his name used the Hegalian dialetic to claim the Capitalism was the end of history.

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