Been a long time gone

I’ve been gone a while, and I’m afraid I’ll be gone another few days at least. Seems that I caught a really nasty flu at SteamCon that not only laid me flat for a week, but it has completely robbed me of my voice, thus rendering me unable to podcast. My voice is barely starting to return now, so hopefully another few days will see me back in full form. Thanks for bearing with me, everyone, and for the support you’ve sent over twitter. It’s much appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Been a long time gone”

  1. Ok, so it’e not just the East Coast that got this flu. I work tech support, just started the job so I don’t have vacation time…. so I ended up without a voice for close to three weeks and still have a lingering cough two weeks later.

    Take your time and get better, JD.

  2. I guess now is as good a time as any to drop you a note.

    I am just taken WAY WAY aback, I had not heard of J. Daniel Sawyer before I listen to Chasing the Bard (yea I know, a little behind the curve) and I havent listened to Sculpting God yet but I am IMPRESSED with Antithesis!

    And Im glad its so good. With all the “threads” you dropped in the feed, it sounds like this set of books is going to be something of a lifes work for you, at least LONG in the making, and I would feel pretty bad for not liking it.

    Anyhow, keep it up and I hope you get well soon.

    P.S. I was excited to hear Pip had a part. . . until I heard the scene. I actually had to pause my Zune and take a breath before I proceded. That encounter was a bit odd. . . not bad, just odd.

  3. Mildred –
    Thanks for the well-wishes. That’s gotta be the most irritating flu I’ve had in years. You say it came from the East Coast? Hmm…one of those interloping easterners must’ve given it to me at the con.

    I’m back in circulation now – new episode coming tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for hanging on – and for the feedback! 🙂

  4. Joe –

    I’m very glad you’re enjoying it – this has inadvertently grown into a “life’s work” type of project, particularly as it spans five books, however it’s not the only thing I’ve got up my sleeve. Watch in February or March when this volume wraps – there’s another trick up my sleeve which I hope will be every inch as entertaining.

    I’d love to hear more on being taken aback by the love scene between Brittany and Cassy. Odd is what I tend to shoot for around here.

    Thanks much for the comments – glad to have you aboard!

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