Predestination, Episode 3

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Here we go, boys and girls, with episode 3! Will Joss give into his conscience, or will he save his hide and get off the station as soon as possible? What’s really going on with Jim and Ali? And what else is going on in the world that might change the equation? This is where you find out.

This week, the multitalented Steven H. Wilson, author, director, and star of The Arbiter Chronicles, joins us this week for a painfully brief one-line performance introducing one of our major characters. He’ll be back, and back, and back over the coming weeks in a number of different roles. If you haven’t found his series yet, check it out – and also check out his book Taken Liberty, available on Amazon and in a tamer version on He writes like the love child of D.C. Fontanna and Robert A. Heinlein; his stories are light and entertaining with a well-hidden but very sharp, serrated philosophical edge.

Cast this week (in order of appearance):

Steven H. Wilson

Erin Ballibanian as Ali

Brian Levy as Jim

Stephanie J. Sawyer as Cassy

Kitty Nic’Iaian as Airport announcer